SPECIAL: The Pony Cart Comes Home

In 1976 I directed THE PONY CART, an episode of THE WALTONS. For several reasons it was a very special experience for me:

It was the second and final time I directed Beulah Bondi, but the friendship
that began two years earlier when we worked together the first time continued till the end of her life.

It was the last film in her film career, a career that began in 1931 when she was brought to Hollywood to recreate her role in Samuel Goldwyn’s screen adaptation of the Broadway production of Elmer Rice’s STREEET SCENE.

About Beulah Bondi, twice nominated for an Academy Award (THE GORGEOUS HUSSY and OF HUMAN HEARTS), John Springer wrote in his THEY HAD FACES THEN, “Academy Oscars ceased to have their full value the year she did not get a nomination for MAKE WAY FOR TOMORROW.” (The italics are mine!)

She was awarded an Emmy for her performance in THE PONY CART. She was
87 years old. (I think she may be the oldest actress to receive an Emmy award. I know she was older than any actress who received an Oscar.)

THE PONY CART experience has survived as fond memories. But now 41 years later, unexpectedly, the experience is about to be enhanced.

THE WALTONS 45th Anniversary Reunion will take place at the Walton’s Mountain Museum in Schuyler, VA from March 24 – 26, 2017.  For tickets and information, fans can visit the website at:  www.earlhamnerstoryteller.com

Here’s a preview:

The journey continues


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