The Waltons

SPECIAL: Beulah!

My first contact with Beulah Bondi was a telephone conversation in 1957. 17 years later I met her in person, face-to-face, in producer Robert Jacks’ office on the Warner Brothers lot. We had cast her as Martha Corinne Walton in … Continue reading

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SPECIAL: The Pony Cart Comes Home

In 1976 I directed THE PONY CART, an episode of THE WALTONS. For several reasons it was a very special experience for me: It was the second and final time I directed Beulah Bondi, but the friendship that began two … Continue reading

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SPECIAL: Walton’s Mountain Revisited

Directing in the 70s was different. There were bookings, but most of them were chores. The days of a decade earlier of going from a great script on TWILIGHT ZONE to another on DR. KILDARE and then on to a … Continue reading

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The Beguiled

Filmed November 1974 I directed twelve episodes of THE WALTONS, but so far I’ve only done posts on eleven of them. The missing one is THE BEGUILED. Why has it been overlooked? Was directing it such an unpleasant experience that … Continue reading

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The Portrait

FILMED August 1978 Last week after I posted THE MONEY FARM, an episode of JUDD FOR THE DEFENSE, on my website, I received the following e-mail from a friend: We just finished watching/reading The Money Farm and loved it. Sure … Continue reading

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Grandma Comes Home

FILMED February 1978 Ellen Corby had suffered a serious stroke sometime after we had worked together on THE PONY CART in October, 1976. When I reported to begin prep on GRANDMA COMES HOME, I was told that as an amnesiac … Continue reading

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The Warrior

Filmed August 1977 Again with a nod to ALL ABOUT EVE’s Margo Channing: Fasten your seat belts, it’s going to be a bumpy fight. The day following completion of photography on THE GRANDCHILD I received the replacement script for my … Continue reading

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The Grandchild: Part II

FILMED July 1977 I missed John-Boy. I knew John-Boy Walton better than I knew Richard Earl Thomas. I had been involved with John-Boy from when he was a seventeen year-old confused teenager struggling with his conscience over what to do … Continue reading

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The Grandchild: Part I

FILMED July 1977 Again using the new opening format established in the previous fifth season, the show started with a climactic scene from later in the story, which then led into the billboard. The previous practice had been to select … Continue reading

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The Pony Cart

FILMED October 1976 EXT. WALTON HOUSE (WB BACKLOT) – DAY October, 1976. I am on the back lot of Warner Bros. studio on the front lawn of the Walton house, studying my script. It is the first day of filming … Continue reading

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