The Man Who Went Blue Sky

TAPED  May 1974 After taping THE SYSTEM, twenty-five months would pass before I returned to INSIGHT to direct another script written by Lan O’Kun. As I wrote at the end of my post on THE SYSTEM about the future project: … Continue reading

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The System

TAPED April 1972 comedy (kämədē) noun • a play characterized by its humorous or satirical tone and its depiction of amusing people or incidents, in which the characters ultimately triumph over adversity But there can be confusion sometimes as to … Continue reading

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Out Of The Depths

TAPED May 1975 OUT OF THE DEPTHS was the first of the INSIGHT scripts written by Fr. Terry Sweeney that I directed. Like his I WANT TO DIE, the other one which came two years later, it made a powerful … Continue reading

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Old King Cole

TAPED April 1970 I don’t think there can be any confusion about where Jack Hanrahan, writer of the teleplay, went for the inspiration for this project  — that British nursery rhyme… Old King Cole was a merry old soul And … Continue reading

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Cry Of Terror

TAPED April 1970 I have been totally amazed at the viewer response to the INSIGHT posts, both on my website and my Facebook page. An added reward has been reading Comments like the following: “Insight” was a show that I … Continue reading

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The Seven Minute Life Of James Houseworthy

TAPED April 1969 Oh oh! The ultimate oversight! Edmond O’Brien’s name was misspelled in the credits, both at the top of the show and in the closing credits. The “U” in his first name should have been an “O”. I like … Continue reading

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The Death Of Simon Jackson

TAPED April 1969 After four days of rehearsal, we taped THE DEATH OF SIMON JACKSON on Saturday, April 19, 1969. The sixties, a decade of civil unrest, had reached an apex a year and fifteen days earlier on April 4, 1968 … Continue reading

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I Want To Die

TAPED April 1977 It had been a decade since I directed my first INSIGHT for Fr. Kieser and Paulist Productions. In that time I directed eleven productions, but I still felt frustrated. Because the shows were pre-taped, a big part of … Continue reading

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The White Star Garage

TAPED June 1982 THE WHITE STAR GARAGE was filmed almost 32 years ago. Regarding our country’s immigration problem, medical problems and our situation with the poor, the series INSIGHT was not only current — regarding the future, it was uncannily prescient. … Continue reading

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Plus Time Served

TAPED May 1979 On my INSIGHT post for UNFINISHED BUSINESS, using photos I described the process of taping a show. In film the camera was mounted on a crab dolly with seats for the camera operator and the assistant cameraman who … Continue reading

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