Breaking Point

Never Trouble Trouble Till Trouble Troubles You

FILMED February 1964 My last booking for the 1963-64 season was my third and final BREAKING POINT: NEVER TROUBLE TROUBLE TILL TROUBLE TROUBLES YOU. The author of the teleplay was Lorenzo Semple Jr. Three and a half years earlier I … Continue reading

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Shadow Of A Starless Night

Filmed January 1964 After completing filming FUNNY MAN with Mickey Rooney I was pleased to learn I would be returning to Desilu Studio for another episode of BREAKING POINT, my favorite series of that season. Desilu was a pleasant place … Continue reading

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The Bull Roarer

Filmed July 1963 I think that was a historic moment in television. I am 99 and 44/100 percent sure that was the first time the word “homosexual” was uttered in a drama in an American television show. And it happened … Continue reading

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