Welcome to my website. Through the many years I have amused (I think) many people, telling of my adventures in film and television. So I thought I would amuse even more people by blogging those tales, which I did on September 2, 2009, when I launched my blogsite, RALPH’S TREK at Ralph-Senensky.blogspot.com As promised they weren’t sequential. I added postings as time and memory permitted. It was very unconstructed, unlike the conditions under which most of the adventures occurred. But now as I look at the seventy-one productions I have discussed (so far), I have an urge to be a little more sequential, to bring a little order to the disorder. So if you’re interested, how about hopping aboard, pull up a chair beside me at the moviola as I take you onto the sets where all of this occurred. Here we go! Let’s blast off.

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